United Souls – Oldest Son in Kaan Yunis, Intimacy, Heartful Goals, & Creation’s Mission!

Dedicated to the real lonely Souls, soldiers & defenders of Yisrael… & Souls Globally – the United Souls that know The Truth of their Souls & for all those that know not yet. Have a Healthy Rest of Winter all 🙂 Shovavim – Spring

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Intimacy with Ourselves and Beyond

To understand the inner realms of our soul we have to learn ourselves better. Constantly rethinking our mindset, understanding our emotions, and at the end of the day not taking ourselves too seriously as we have an infinite spark of joy waiting to express these truths. When we are able to go beyond ourselves we can truly be intimate with someone else. One of the keys we learn from Shovavim is everything has a time, place, and person aka soul flow. We have to learn how to open ourselves to this new reality of the oneness of United Souls. To not allow the darkness and confusion of our troubled generation to allow us to lose focus. We all have the ability within ourselves to truly be intimate with our soulmate. To be fully present and one. To understand Unifications exist in every moment of creation. That every moment of time is a creation and as dark as times seem, there are bright places within that intimate connection of oneness. This brings us to a whole other level of nothingness and oneness. I won’t paraphrase the teachings of Rav Manis Friedman and the Sefer Tanya, but this focus brings us to a clarity of oneness and strength toward truthful intimate moments with our loved ones. This going beyond is the path of the intimate United Souls.


The Goal in Mind with the Value at Heart

Our next step is to build our mission statement. To know our goals with the end in mind, and the values of heart in terms of what to do with our life mission. Preparing ourselves for a true future where we live up to our goals and values. These are all rooted in the soul level. To know the truth of a person is to understand their value system and ability to impact each other during daily life. Our main goal is simply United Souls. Our developed mission statement includes practical steps to get there. This will also include communal and company mission statements, and even more importantly family mission statements. With a clear universal vision and goal in mind, we all can work towards daily achievements and steps towards the mission statement fulfillment. This will help us all personally and universally work with accountability and honesty. With daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly assessments we shall consistently find a true path to success. Our relationships will become more enhanced and our businesses will flourish. By believing in our ability to impact and bring change by living aligned with the Creation’s mission statement we manifest the ultimate unification.


What is the Creations Mission Statement?

I know the Torah and 10 commandments are the true guiding principles and yet simply put here it’s all unified in United Souls. I have the merit to give a course and connect globally online with United Souls! Weekly I get the opportunity to give a class online to 1000s of souls and yet the interactive aspect is best. The interactive option of communication is what the Creation mission statement is all about. A real relationship with the Creator and Creation. Oneness and United Souls in real-time. Real conversation between us and the Creator. The Creator always is talking to us.  The more we think and are in love the more this special Divine Providence of love and kindness envelops us. The more we get ourselves out the way the more the kindness of our Creator can become one with our true will to be one with our Creator. Then all of Creation follows in the evolutionary process of becoming Unified. However, to achieve this awesome goal we have to start with the day-to-day application by writing down our goals and values. Internalizing by an intense contraction of light and inspiration to a clear Mission Statement. To continue to pray and meditate on the source level of the soul of values. And to ultimately manifest a person of light, love, and fulfillment. May we merit all this good and happy truth.

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Please check out 32:00 mins into Rav Shlomo Katz’s class – *light 😊 mamesh…* Ty Rav Shlomo – PLEASE KEEP🙏 PRAYING FOR BORUCH YITZCHAK BEN MASHA AND ALL THE SOLDIERS OF YISRAEL 🙏


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JANUARY 16, 2024

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Finally heard from my oldest son 🙌 in Kaan Yunis through the army doctor bH all is good there…. sent some biblical footage as R Shlomo said, beyond words videos of Kabbalat Shabbat together with his unit, sharing his yarmulka, using a Arab cap, etc all beyond words, PLEASE KEEP🙏 PRAYING FOR BORUCH YITZCHAK BEN MASHA AND ALL THE SOLDIERS OF YISRAEL 🙏

101 Days – Another week of gifts from our Chareidi Friends in Yerushalyim for the parents of the Soldiers… only good news…


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