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We all face a lot of sadness and darkness in our lives these days, but the goal is to transform this into joy and light! The Corona Challenge has helped us all find a new flow in how we process our daily experience! We have the ability with our Soul level to access this hidden light that is the source of all wisdom and truth! It says the “Candle of our Creator (Hashem) is the soul of humanity”! The light of a candle lit has the power to grow the light onwards and to light up other souls soul by soul! To be authentic and real are the buzzwords of our pain-filled generation! We flipped the dark word of Corona on its precious head-filled solution! The time-traveling source of strength with energy in its essence is the revealed form of United Souls that will exchange so much underdeveloped energy for real light with romance! The ancient festival of Hanukkah (Chanukah) is a miraculous wake-up to all that thirst for this end-of-days climax! We have this special touch deep within and now is the night to bring enough light that the night is now the day!

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The Fight for Survival!

We have discussed a similar concept before about the fight against loneliness and this next discussion is even more intrinsic! We all need to live life now, not what are you worried about today or what was, or what are you worrying about for tomorrow! The fight for life’s every moment in front of us! To truly let go and become part of the United Soul Flow! To go forward every breath with joy and creative inspiration! To fulfill our mission will give context for our purpose-filled survival! To have an attitude of gratitude! To sincerely appreciate our blessings and to share them with others! Becoming a selfless giver is a core value we can all aspire for together! To internalize how the majority of people in the world’s main thoughts are just for physical survival! The deeper intentions have to be for emotional and spiritual well-being! People in the Holocaust only thought was for survival as Eli Wiesel wrote so intensely in his moving profound books and spoke about more in his later years! And yet somehow people found a way to renew their faith! As Viktor Frankl wrote in his important book “Man’s Search for Meaning” how the inner resolve to have meaning in the most horrific conditions beyond words! And yet during our current crisis, people are finding so many new creative solutions and ways to channel that inner spark towards a survival more profound than just physical! People are finding the inner resolve and the language of United Souls! [youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5odrW-VF190]

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Time to Teach and not Preach!

Truly teaching has become a part of our daily online experience! We as a growing online community have learned how to prioritize to establish real relationships, to listen and learn! Then the teaching can begin, with a collaborative focus, to channel a divisive generation towards real unity! We all need to grow in the right direction toward our purpose to live what we represent! To walk the talk, to talk the walk, and to reevaluate towards real inspired change! I have been realizing these days that if a person doesn’t make proactive choices to make a difference a person will get stuck and become reactive! We have the power within from the place of will and choice to constantly push ourselves to grow toward our values and goals! We clarify more and more through prayer, meditation, personal development, and our value system! Then we prioritize our lives to live up to what we know to be true! This inner knowledge is from the Soul Level and needs constant nourishing and focus! We all need contact with people who represent the soul level the most! People who have grown towards manifesting their soul level because of our teachers and guides! The ideal teacher is someone who like a fire ignites a candle with a flame that can from now on light itself! With empowerment, we recognize our source of inspiration and yet we have the inner strength to build towards the soul level with others! To unite beyond the physical limitations and find a mutual force with a mission! Emotional Intelligence and maturity are developing so we can transition with versatility toward our narrative built on truth! A mindset that is real and expresses only truths with wisdom! Inspires the people around us to transform and change! To find a higher calling known here as United Souls!

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Truths: Jewish Wisdom for Today

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