United Souls – Extracts from New Book TBA – by Eli Goldsmith – Part 36 – Unity and Friendship to Victory!

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United Souls at War – 2. End in Mind – World Bnei Akiva – Intimacy Unity Flow!

Having Friends who totally relate

Thankfully we have soul connections with people who are close to us. We bond in deep ways and build friendships that last the test of time. Recently at a wedding and other such times of reunion of the souls, the glimpse into the soul connection is most obviously profound. We bond in a real way and find moments of space within life to reconnect and catch up with those loved friends of old. Even with all the distances created by Corona we still intrinsically bond and connect. We know where we left off in our last conversation and move a step forward with an enlightened growth mindset. It says in the Ethics of our Fathers that we have to buy ourselves a friend. This demonstrates the beyond-value reality of a true friend. To bond and discuss deep parts of the soul, to be comfortable in hard times being real, to seek kindness and give kindness to those we love. We are all on this road of souls constantly touching base with all kinds of special souls, some more profoundly affecting our flow. The strong relationship that can affect our mind and heart most importantly we are healing, loving, and connecting to our soul mate in an intimate way no one else will know. This privacy of creation within a connection is one of the deepest secrets of the soul. Let’s bring this United Souls reality to the forefront of consciousness. This begins and is required by all soul-searching people and projects. We can grow and achieve our purpose. We just got to hang in when the tough gets tougher, we get going and United souls in friendship will stand eternally.

The Lit Up Unification

As we enter the time of the Festival of Lights aka Chanukah together, being a part of the 2020 generation, we have the opportunity to transform darkness into light. The Corona Challenge has brought us to deep realizations, spiritual growth, emotional healthiness, physical balance, and preparing ourselves for the Ultimate Unification. This is mentioned many times in the Torahs of the Baal Shem Tov. It’s all about bringing the inner light from the 19th of Kislev, a festival of the Chassidic Mystical Revelation, towards times of Joy aka Simcha, and our United Souls towards an Intrinsic Belief aka Emuna filled happier Lit Up life. We wish each other happy holidays, good weekends, etc and happy Chanukah, but the ultimate unification takes place from within. A place beyond space and time. The realms of the Soul, the journey of the determined search for truth no matter what. We have this calling within us all and to ignore our inner true soul voices is missing the whole point of our Creation. May we all enter this realm of soul to truly unify every aspect of our lives.

The Power of Friends to Generate Unity

During a time of essential family development, the power of friends is very literal. The power of connection is not to be underestimated. We have the love, passion, and warmth to bring about lasting changes in our relationships. We have to tune into the joy created by the mutual gatherings of soul and connection. By the openness of having the vulnerability to share real struggles in marriage, in friendships, and all we do. This allows for a real sincere strengthening in our ability to listen, learn, bond, and rejoice. We have this light of the United Soul within, however, when it manifests outside it creates a sincere Unification unique and yet necessary. We need transformation, fear will generally only hold us back, and boldness to communicate will bridge divides. Then we can manifest these inner truths in practical daily interactions, and the true mission of our soul becomes alive. We attract blessings by building vessels through peaceful approaches to all our interpersonal relationships. We do kindness and the kindness shines back at us. The world is changing towards our thoughtfulness and will. We are game changers and yet need people with other kinds of aspects of Creation to complete our daily charts. We can’t do this alone and yet somehow the moments of peace alone make space for the most creative forms of creation. The United Flow and our ability to connect with love are growing. [youtube=https://youtu.be/E9ABUk5MA1Q]

“Hi all, I made this poster to go into a gym that trains guys for the army… I think it would be nice to send it out to all the soldiers we know to help hide them Chizuk. Hashem should protect us all.” Charles Sakkal  @TheZeraShimshon  The weekly Class begins with the weekly Dedications & Stories of Salvations in Hebrew – Email your dedications – ZeraShimshonGlobal@gmail.com

Behold I take it upon myself – To continue the everlasting love and unity – That is present amongst my people today!

Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, And forever… by R Shlomo Katz…

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At a special wedding after special learning, davening and Tehilim together bshem kol Yisrael Moshiach = Moshe Rabbeinu = True Humility = מי נח = Greatness of Israel Likutei Moharan 79.

Ben Shapiro hosting Rudy Rochman – From the front lines –


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We just got footage from Dutch TV. This is from the Yom Kippur War. Pls, send it to the whole world.


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United Souls

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