United Souls – Extracts from New Book TBA – by Eli Goldsmith – Part 33 – Universal and Truthful – The Real Crown of Inclusion!

Dedicated to the real lonely Souls… & Souls Globally – the United Souls that know The Truth of their Souls & for all those that know not yet. Have a Healthy Climax to Summer all 🙂

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Keeping the message Universal and Truthful

After a discussion with Nissim Black a good friend, inspirational rapper, and soulful teacher, the power of impacting the world being Universal and at some point choosing the truth over a more central position is inevitable. The key point from our United Soul focus is on the inner soul level the truth is unifying! The issue is with how to communicate the unity focus when some of the opinions and approaches have become so false-based! Wisdom is a necessary light, bringing awareness to people about truths that have been suppressed and thereby suppressed the soul-unifying level of conversation! Often in online conversations, a glimpse of a truthful message can be absorbed in the millage of an overload of information! Once again a person’s will and desire for truth will draw forth the truthful guidance needed amongst all the noise! The same within people under the layers of false agendas and beliefs there is a conscious voice of truth! The hating people wanted to destroy this voice from within and the world! To them, they sourced all the pain and destruction toward these soulful voices! Thankfully the more they tried the stronger the soul level became! The problem for the United Souls became in the communication and expression of the soul level which has confused so many! Our job is often just to be clear and clearer with the soul level! To not let the voice and presence of the soul be disgraced often by our own lack of will and determination! We have the power within and the ability to communicate with gentle authentication and dedication. If we persist we will find the right form of communication, people, and causes to collaborate with! And the haters’ voices Will only strengthen the message of the soul and truth that ultimately will unify us all!

We all need to be more real

Thanks to the Corona Challenge we have all had to reset, reevaluate, rethink, and rerun what we are doing, feeling, and thinking! Everything needed a new real plan, how to process all the changes in lifestyle, expectations that are generally never worthwhile having anyhow, and a new focus. This book and many other projects have been in response but personally, my soulmate and I had always loved and lived more simply :). In a way, we were ready for this situation and are able to choose the right way to impact this all. After the recent tragic sudden passing of Rabbi Lord Sacks the recurring message that comes through one of his key guides, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, is to not only become a leader but to empower others to become a leader. To turn the proverbial sadness and pain from the darkness of an unaware life into sincere happiness, healing, and light that clarifies real life. We have the power to transform the hardest of challenges and emotions into growth opportunities. Every moment that we are real and authentic, truthful yet balanced, loving and caring we can in our sphere of influence really make a huge difference to the lives of many and most importantly ourselves. Then there is hope… [youtube=https://youtu.be/oI0qKpIalfU]

The Crown of Inclusion

The ability to have subservience to a power beyond ourselves is the key to all forms of healing and fulfillment in this world. Crowning the king is a daily obligation for us all, not just a one-time-a-year focus like the head of the new year (Rosh Hashanah), the day of judgment for the whole of humanity. That’s the root level of crowning the King which is the inner aspect of United Souls, we all join together to form the crown of the King. This includes all our inner will, desires, and prayers together as humanity. This is the Crown of Inclusion that Unites us all on an intrinsic level. We all share this same truth as humans that our life is hanging on a delicate thread. With prayer, hope, and sincere compassion for our souls and beings we bring about a day worth living. Every day of our lives has the potential to be subservient to a higher power. The reality is that in our 2020 generation, the only way to have some peace of mind and maintain sanity is with this truth of Crowning this higher power we call the King in our daily life. The whole recovery world knows that to defeat our addictions and escapism will be with this huge determination to have a higher calling to live a life of service, not ego. Even the Queen of England and all those around her know that the service of the Crown is the purpose. We have this innate wisdom to know when to surrender. When to go and when to give in. It’s clear and it’s just a matter of us having the honesty and humility to be inclusive in our experience of United Souls. Together we reach a whole new level of elevation to be lifted as part of the Crown of the King through our awareness that ultimately this is the only way to go forward. The quicker we are fully about service the happier humanity with this clarification shall be. As we know from all mystical texts the ultimate Crowning of the King approaches. People call this the days of Mashiach. A common purpose and reign of the kingship of truth will fill the whole world. The oceans shall open and all the deepest wisdom shall pour forth. Submerging our souls in the purifying waters of love, light, and oneness. We here shall experience the true unveiling of the ancient, current, and future United Souls.

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