United Souls – Extracts from New Book Section 2 – by Eli Goldsmith – Part 44 – Don’t Under-estimate the Soul – Relationship, Soulmate, Business, Holiday, Parents of Soldiers Flow!

United Souls – Section 2 by Eli Goldsmith – A Journey towards Real Unification in Everyway… Continued – Check out Part 43 for the Intro… https://eligoldsmith.substack.com/p/united-souls-extracts-from-new-book-124

Dedicated to all the United Souls that know The Truth of their Souls and for all those that know not yet & must know. Emuna – Avi Abelow joins The Real Kindness Podcast ❤ – hosted by Yosef Aharon & Eli Goldsmith – POI, UIP & JOC!

Learning Tanya Perek 21 – Divine Speech is One with G-d – Divine Providence ✨

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The Spiritual Investment in developing technology is going to be the winning unique aspect that even Emotional Intelligence and Versatility will depend on for long-term fulfillment and humanity’s real success. Too much dependency on AI, VR, AR, and any other Hi-Tech innovation without Soulful Awareness is handing over Human Creativity to soulless machines. Our Soul is what gives us the true guide in the complete journey of humanity, to protect us from approaching dependency on resources we should only elevate not need more than necessary. The power of in-person connection, especially soulful closeness can always fulfill the needs of humanity, way beyond words compared to technology. The lie that technology is making our lives easier when in many ways if not managed with the soul has increased all kinds of Emotional and physical, and contributed hugely to the current Mental Health Crises. This is something I personally, alongside my spiritual guides and sincere friends fathers, and grandfathers themselves, pray on and scream about inwardly, crying to our Creator to help our current generation alongside the new generations who have way too much screen time and emotional involvement with for example their phones. We need to heal our addictions and bring ourselves to experience true content, influencing the sphere we are blessed to have and elevating our lives with more Soul. This Reality of Soul and self-awareness will improve our most important Relationships and open our hearts to the Divine-Flow we live daily in.

Relationship Soulmate Flow

Let’s explain how vital discussing the Relationship Flow approach is for our recent generations. Previously, couples were able through strong discipline and values to commit through the hard knocks of life no matter what. Nowadays, without a Soulmate connection many marriages and relationships are failing and breaking especially in the commitment aspect and longevity. The challenges of our fast-paced, technologically, stimulating days are testing the most loyal of couples. We all need to learn more about Soulful awareness, True Self Knowledge is a big key to finding your Soul Partner. The Pleasure of touching on the Eternal connection of intimacy and the deepest companionship should not be underestimated in giving us the tools to weather the most challenging storms of life. My prayer of thanks to our Creator for blessing myself and my Soulmate with our Relationship and sharing that Flow beyond to our family, and community. Even publicly through our growing Relationship Flow Podcast… We shall discuss these love-changing concepts further throughout this 2nd Section in more depth… Welcome to Check out the latest episode here –

Business with Soul

We discuss almost daily in our Unity Flow Podcast (link here –

) the importance of doing business with soul, let’s learn a little of the advice we have shared on an expansive level in our Podcasts. I believe we need to look for the divine flow in every interaction, every moment, place, and soul we are looking to do business with. The Soul is the Goal of the Light to bring clarity which is the right approach to this current process in the business flow. That’s the point, it’s a flow, and the experience isn’t whatever, it’s all with an awareness of the Divine Flow that is orchestrating this current reality. Success isn’t the focus, rather, what am I learning about myself and the inner reality with every interaction? This requires a lot of self-awareness and humility to bring the Soul level to every business deal etc… We need to pray, meditate, learn, and work harder on our inner perception than on our actual revealed actions. The key is the true value system we work with. I would like to suggest checking out 7 Universal Principles I found alive in Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and discussed further in our Unity Flow (link above) & Intimacy Flow ((1) Eli Goldsmith – YouTube) podcasts and briefly mentioned in Section 1 in my enhanced version of the “10 Habits of Truly Effective You’s…” We shall discuss this all more shortly…

Holiday with Soul

We shall keep growing toward more Soulful Awareness especially when we get a special time away from all the usual pressures and distractions. The goal of all the hard work isn’t the Holiday at the end of it all to indulge the body, but rather an opportunity to use our precious gift of time to dedicate to our most important relationships and inner development. One of the most important habits is the second one “Begin with the End in Mind” – A Mission Statement. A Vacation from the usual grind gives us the peace of mind to go inside, what is needed in our inner development. Where do we need to refocus and how we then can live a more effective Mission-led life? I sincerely believe that clarifying our mission and refining it more and more, will lead to increased fulfillment and joy. After all the hard daily work a holiday is what is needed to bind our love of life, other souls, and most importantly a place whose beauty expands the mind and heart. We have the ability to make a choice prioritize those who mean most to us and share special moments by sunrise and sunset. Generally, this will be in a state of prayer and meditation, however, sometimes the Holiday with Soul is with a Soulmate. Someone with whom we can build a life together. This is a real blessing. 

Soulful Tools for Parents of Soldiers

My Soulmate shared some deep truths. Our oldest son is back in an intense War zone in Gaza… We needed a few days to Internalize as Parents of Soldiers our Soulful Mission with Tools to Keep Strong! 1. Visualization 2. Praying 3. Regrouping 4. Inner talk & work 5. Trust in self 6. Functionally Optimally 7. Sharing with Souls… The Soulful Mission of Soldiers & Parents of Soldiers – Tools to Keep Strong! Welcome to listen sincerely here -https://open.spotify.com/embed/episode/2EFVaiMFDpQgMkjB7oTgDK

The Zera Shimshon – Weekly Class – Parshat Naso – by Charles Sakkal – The Torah of the Summer –

רב ישראל זילברברג מכולל חצות זרע שמשון Official R Yisrael Zilberberg ZeraShimshon Parshat Bamidbar

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