United Souls – Extracts from New Book Section 2 – by Eli Goldsmith – Part 43 – The Israel War Real Flow, Spiritual Investment & Soulful Living!

United Souls – Exciting Welcome to Section 2 by Eli Goldsmith – A Journey towards Real Unification in Everyway… – Part 43 – The Israel War Real Flow, Spiritual Investment & Soulful Living! https://eligoldsmith.substack.com/p/united-souls-extracts-from-new-book-e1a?r=oyu71

Our oldest son is back in an intense War zone in Gaza… We needed a few days to Internalize as Parents of Soldiers our Soulful Mission with Tools to Keep Strong! 1. Visualization 2. Praying 3. Regrouping 4. Inner talk & work 5. Trust in self 6. Functionally Optimally 7. Sharing with Souls…

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Dedicated to all the United Souls that know The Truth of their Souls and for all those that know not yet & must know. Leave a comment

United Souls Section 2 – 2024 & Onwards…

Let’s begin or rather continue with United Souls for our second section of this special intensely needed  Soulful journey… In our first section written 2020-2021, the height of that crazy time we need not name here (may such a Scam never happen again…) the need for a United Soul experience was urgent. We didn’t have the in-person contact with humanity we had grown accustomed to, we had to go either online or preferably inside to a deeper connection with the people in our circle sphere of influence. We then published with the needed general edits in the Extract format on the growing SubStack platforms 2022-3 (Link here –

Eli Goldsmith’s New Flow LetterUnited Souls …)

“Gaza War to Victory & New Shefa” – Real Kindness Podcast – Yosef Aharon & Eli Goldsmith – UnityInspireProjects.com & JustOneChesed.org

This process was completed in 42 extracts posted with our book content showcasing the current media and updates surrounding its posting. My goal is to publish the book in parts until the required support to fully publish re-edited and packaged in a way that will increase United Souls’ influence so desperately needed in the current climax. My point was to publish at least in parts no matter what. I pray that this Section 2 be written with the same Soulful goal of United Humanity through the Knowledge of the Soul and this time both sections be fully edited and published… Please reach out to make this a reality (DM/Contact UnityInspireProjects.com) until then the SubStack Extracts will continue Part 43 coming soon. The difference with Section 2 of United Souls are many… We are currently in a War in the Middle East let alone the war that has been raging in the Ukraine etc… Personally, we have had many missile attacks and terror attacks Hashem Yishmor, as well, being the parent of my oldest son who currently is serving in the IDF as a Negavist (Machine Gun Fighter for the Determined Elite Unit 101 which consisted for most of the War removing Terrorist from the Gaza Region of the Holy Land). Now the challenge is to bring the United Souls focus in a world that is talking about Civil War in the US etc… growing concern with Ai, challenging economics, distrust of government, and coordinated unrest by the so-called them, AntiSoulism is trending, and without this needed United Soul knowledge I don’t want to exist in such a climate of disunity, my soul begs for Unity, a common Human Value system, and the only place this can be revealed is the True Source – the Human Soul! Our Mission – Reveal The Soul of Yisrael and the Revelation in all its beauty in the Holy Land. Let’s take this journey together and share this light globally. [youtube=https://youtu.be/SuaCtiRpRUo]


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Real Flow Together

So we enter a time where there is extra sensitivity to the flow of Divine Providence. Every day, Every way, Every place, Every person has a spark of G-dliness best described as Soul. A chance to experience the Divine. A real opportunity to truly live in the most deeply fulfilled way. To enter inward to the depths of every moment of life filled with eternal lessons, infinite wisdom, love, fear, beauty, balance, victory, humility, synergy, unification, nullification, etc… Tuning daily into the real flow takes self-awareness, spiritual wisdom, soulful living and most importantly the recognition that we are deeply united together at our source including our destination. The point is in a practical way we can live in an expanded conscious way that will be guided from our soul level. We struggle daily to experience our purpose and mission. There is so much drawing us away to escapism and avoidance of our soul purpose. We have to stay focused no matter what. Never allow ourselves to be distracted for long periods of life. Even when we need patience with the process, there is so much to accomplish, and so many different ways to develop our path that makes sense to our guides including our Soulful Values. So let’s clarify in the coming flow here our Soulful Values as this will be the foundation of our next stage of development.

Soulful Values

I realize after listening to hundreds of episodes of Joe Rogan the no. 1 Streaming Podcast that what would assist in all the long and appreciated meaningful conversations is an understanding that all the good values and wisdom come from the Soul level. The root of wisdom and understanding, including the knowledge and ability to apply these important needed values, all comes from the deep awareness within the Soul. The amazing reality is that most humans are unaware of these Soulful Sources of endless wisdom… I am happy to share these clarifications on Joe Rogan’s Podcast alongside every public space I have the good fortune to feature. Today I even got a like from Joe Rogan’s LinkedIn account (It seemed like it’s him lol) and the ability to become contacts today…  The main point is that prayer and awareness of the United Soul level of humanity will allow us ultimately to share these Soulful Values Globally. The Intensity of Hard Inner Work is the only way the Soul will shine from its Source outwards. The good news is with a broken sincere heart and good thoughts the people of Yisrael get an elevation to their higher Source Soulful Values. Let’s discuss this more…

In-Depth Soul Journey

Let’s go deep straight away. We, all humanity are Created with a G-dly soul in the Supernal G-dly image. This is our true animating force within humanity and Bnei Yisrael has a Chelek Elokai Mamal Mamesh within. This means a portion of G-d is within us and intrinsically connects us to our Source, our Purpose, our Destiny. What balances out this human experience called life as the Sefer Tanya explains is the Animal Soul animating our lower elements and drives. This gives us all free will and the inner reality is we have a struggle within. Since every human is a microcosm of the Macrocosm of creation we each impact Creation. The more consistent we are at tapping into our Soulful Source, Purpose, and Destiny the more we can shine into Creation our Divine Energy. This animates the sphere of influence around us as well as the Creation has the ability to also be elevated to our Source. The main point is to learn how to awaken our G-dly Soulful Source in our daily life. This is going to be explained, clarified, and internalized together as we go forward on our in-depth soul journey.


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We go Deeper…Investment

We have different levels to the Soul, and each human is blessed with their own unique portion and inner world. The key is to be able to go within to explore these different levels with spiritual guides and wisdom which help clarify for us all willing to go deeper. The benefits are eternal as we need to have all kinds of investments of our precious time in this world. Who doesn’t care about their bank accounts? The Physical Investment of a Healthy Lifestyle etc… The Emotional Investment of time with people, care, kindness, sincere empathy being present, etc… The Intellectual Investment of consistently learning, growing our consciousness, reviewing and internalizing wisdom with purpose, etc… The Spiritual Investment is going to be the main focus of our United Souls Journey together, so put your seat belt on as we drive faster and even be willing to let the Soul do the teaching and drive to our hopeful destination of real clarity please G-d… For this Eternal Investment, we shall need extra Heavenly help and we pray together that all our Investments in life should be Blessed…


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Great news, Yishai Fleisher has joined Unity Bookings – Yishai Fleisher is the International Spokesperson for the Jewish Community of Hebron

Howdy Eli and All! There are so many challenges these days and we need Hashem’s mercy just to deal with the pain and the hate.

BUT, Am Yisrael Chai, Israel is 76 years young, Hashem is with us, and I got a chance to bust up Norman Finkelstein, a sick Israel-hater, on the Piers Morgan Uncensored show!

Please let me know what you think and blessings!

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Sefirah – Experiencing the G-dly Attributes in Time Likutei Moharan 33 4! Gaza Again & Bibi Tefilin!

Join us with The Unity Inspires Projects! Wishing all only good news – that Ty Hashem all are doing well… So intense Erev Shabbos before our Soldiers entering Gaza again… The Deep Graceful Appreciation of our Soulmate All The More So War Time!

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#Hallel with a #Bracha Erev Pesach Baking Matzah by The TolnaRebbe… #Yerushalyim#Chassidim Working Hard Erev Pesach #Matzahbaking … The Tolna Rebbe Rolling holes in the Matzah to come home 🏡 with 👍 👌 for Simchas Yom Tov in Efrat, Good Yom Tov, all… @midnightrabbi_inspires Happy 😊 Pesach, all. Only Blessings 🙌 of Freedom:) and True Real Nachus… #chagsomayach #rebbe #hallel #erevpesach #pesach #matzah #happydays #emuna #unityflow #UnitedSouls @UnityInspiresProject https://www.instagram.com/reel/C6EJNtDtg0y/?igsh=MWo1Ym4zejI2MWQ3dw==

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Personal Branding & #2020Vision – The Challenge for a Focused 2024!

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Thoughts – Creative Expression – Actions 🙂

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Stay Tuned… More to Come… Join the Unity Flow…

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