United Souls – Extracts from New Book Section 1 – by Eli Goldsmith – Part 42 – Pesach & Don’t #Passover – 2020-24 – Truth & Completion!

Dedicated to the real lonely Souls, soldiers & defenders of Yisrael… & Souls Globally – the United Souls that know The Truth of their Souls & for all those that know not yet. A Healthy Spring all 🙂 – With Pesach and Sefirah days already on the way… https://open.substack.com/pub/eligoldsmith/p/united-souls-extracts-from-new-book-45d?r=oyu71&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web&showWelcomeOnShare=true Leave a comment

Reviewing the Madness of 2020 and the beginning months of 2021!

I don’t know when your soul will encounter this book, but whenever it is, it will be a lesson that this past year of seeming madness known as the Corona Challenge can bring! Just as we hoped 2021 could be a way forward, it goes sideways with all kinds of beacons of hope! And yet there is only one hope, hope in our United Souls. We have enough universal meeting points and places of connection. How we review our journey, with our values, goals, and dreams in place. How we script our mindset and go forward together. To find those qualities of humankind that bind us all to essential truths. To bring a collaborative focus with daily projects to practically unify our souls! Anyhow, the only point of reviewing the year is to get to those moments of self-improvement. Those moments where life and family have meaning. And when life is missing meaning seemingly we penetrate deeper to see the unification that this is all sourced from and leading towards…

Iran & Hamas attack Israel & Hashem – The Real Kind Podcast – Yosef Aharon & Eli Goldsmith – UIP JOC –

Iran & Hamas attack Israel & Hashem – The Real Kind Podcast – Yosef Aharon & Eli Goldsmith – UnityInspireProjects.com & JustOneChesed.org –

Revealing the ultimate unification is a dream we all should aspire for and work towards like an overarching goal of all our United Souls intentions and efforts. Every little step of positivity and growth is a great step in the process towards our completion. What do we gain from this ultimate mission? Everything and yet completion with the True Nothing that is truly the true something that is the True Everything! The choice and will to perceive and be nullified in the overall United Soul! And yet somehow our individual choice and greatness of soul can stand to glory from this Oneness. True glorification of our Creator’s name and yet intimate connection on an eternal journey beyond. To understand our hearts and eyes can truly unify and cleave to the oneness within all of creation. And the more we pray and yearn for this unified revolution the bigger the vessel and clearer this truth-filled clarification becomes. The key is to understand that all is driven by awareness and love to experience oneness. midnightrabbi_inspires


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Now we realize that there is an opportunity for us more than ever to turn around this challenge to renewed relationships, goals, values, and dreams. To reawaken the feeling of being free as a bird. As the united souls stretch forth their wings and sour in song. Elevating the whole of creation to its source and yet able to retain its distinct individual gift of acquired choice. To choose life and return with clarity to those lower worlds and bring the light of clarity wherever we flow.

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Dancing and staging life away from a fearful mindset

Such a challenge in our 2020 generation where we can overcome a fearful mindset, but the system is built by media and government control to increase our anxiety and fear-mongering. My soulmate inspired many parts of this United Souls book and beyond. The concept of dancing and staging life is the key and my soulmate is a role model. She can have all kinds of inner battles and yet through pure will and determination, she creates strategic methods to empower joy and harmony in the home. Her determination to stage and dance her way out of pain and suffering is a huge step in the United Soul direction. To be a soul and to grow in the way of happiness and forgiveness. To know yourself, face yourself, and be giving to others. To stage a meal of happy times and dance. To bring people to a place of goodness and joy. To inspire others is to heal our souls. Like the 12 steps, there is a process to our healing. We have to put in the effort and hard work to acquire our soul level. This is real inner work and true dedication to our greater vision. We have this within us all to fulfill our purpose and transform this struggle into our success. We can stage our lives and dance our way through this challenging period. To face and elevate our everyday real mindset with truth and sincerity. The days we are in are filled with an increase in joy and focus, and this goes together with the voice of the soul which is ultimately always positive. To learn to listen to the true voice within is connected to a wise saying that one of my main teachers taught. We have to remove ourselves for the full revelation of Souls to come forth. Our problem generally is the ego and self which gets in the way of the divine abundance and positive unifying flow which is ready to enter our lives. Once we let go truly everything flows to a positive place. We can elevate everything to its essential goodness. It’s within us to achieve this staged living of smiling, dancing, and singing until we feel it. The power of will can achieve everything. Visualize our freedom of these souls and manifest this true spiritual expression. Wishing us all only good news and fulfillment of our dreams and creativity.

Preparing for these special days of Truth

An awakening of consciousness is beginning on these special days. Specifically when we feel so lost and out of control then is the time to truly let go and turn inside towards the United Soul level. Those people who yearn for truth and creativity are now finding new platforms and places within to achieve this United Soul experience daily. Tapping into the abundant flow that is entering the world and our lives, takes building the vessel to contain the light. Also, to keep going forward no matter what toward our goals, values, and dreams. I have just released our 3rd United Souls Collaboration Album to bring more unity globally through music. People are understanding the gift of life and sharing simple moments with family and friends. May all our Souls shine forth so we can express the voice of our Unification. To yearn and pray for this daily with all our strength. We are almost at the climax of history where we shall hear the final song in United Voices of Souls. We shall be set free from our worries and fears. The key is right now all the insights and talents needed are present. We just have to be patient with the process. Good night as this United Souls book was the next present ;).

Coming to Conclusion to only Begin Again on a Higher plane

Every time we think we have reached a climax or a point of conclusion we realize we need to begin again. This renewal is leading us onto a higher plane than where we began!l. To understand every struggle is a step in the right direction, a struggle of the United Souls! We get to think and grow in different ways! Expand our mindset and go for new opportunities in life. Write a second even clearer book, and collaborate with United Souls as a series of other authors, creatives, and influencers. To release a 3rd or 4th collaboration album, go on a trip to a new destination, join an online Zoom community, create a new piece of art or music, go on a run to begin a new day, share an inspiring post or comment. The point is to begin again with renewed optimism and start life fresh! Btw one of those ways to be renewed was to look for an editor and publisher so we could get a United Souls book out there. In the end even once we publish this first book we shall begin writing a second. All apart from keeping the process moving until 120, well it is my birthday this Sunday Purim in Jerusalem. No better day to discuss renewal than a birthday especially when mine comes on Purim in Jerusalem. The whole inner light of this special time is renewal and as the Corona Challenge reaches a Crescendo renewing from within is the true proactive healthy response! All the birthday blessings and happy Purim to Pesach to us all.

So let’s make this a global collaboration with United Souls. Everyone has their unique light and understanding about what they have to offer. We all are gifted with special abilities to achieve our unique mission. The depth of having a G-dly soul and at the same time a clear purpose in manifesting our unique soul level in creative expression. We all have the inner ability to become who we are supposed to become. Once we let go and flow with a giving focus on the other person’s needs. Now it’s time to rest before the ride gets intense. Even as I write it’s a special day called Purim in Jerusalem and we have opportunities to access higher levels of the soul. We are together on a United Soul Flow towards a greater experience of humanity. To understand that our source of humanity is the soul and our destination is the soul. We right now need to allow ourselves to experience the soul and not let this world or our ego get in the way. The Soul level will begin to manifest and we will spiritualize what is now. To understand how it’s all for the good and yet it’s all right now Created anew. On all levels, we experience the truth of reality and respect this transition of true wisdom to the daily false manifestation. We penetrated deeper and uncovered the hidden coding. The unveiling of the matrix and all forms of lower-level control. Our United Soul is infinite and yet able to be received by a physical vessel. The vessel is a gift in time. All we have to do is go ahead with an open broken heart and all works out for the good. Thank you for your time and attention. I do believe that the sooner we awaken the United Souls reality the sooner we can bring happiness to humankind in real time. So this is all worth the time to reveal the truth of United Souls Globally.

Acknowledgments for the completion of our first section 2020-21 of the United Souls Book, second section TBA… 2024…

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Thank you to all my larger family and friends – The Goldsmith, The Salber & The Dembovsky Family. Dedications to come which B’H will kindly cover all the costs.

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