United Souls by Eli Goldsmith – Part 40 – Mission Alive, Big Steps, Fighting Fears & One Love!

Dedicated to the real lonely Souls, soldiers & defenders of Yisrael… & Souls Globally – the United Souls that know The Truth of their Souls & for all those that know not yet. Have a Healthy End to Winter all 🙂 Shovavim Tat – Spring & Purim is on the way… https://eligoldsmith.substack.com/p/united-souls-extracts-from-new-book-417Leave a comment

Good Chodesh and Good Weeks of Adar with Increased Simcha! Learning Tanya Perek 7 – Elevate the Sparks – 30th Shevat onwards…

“The Urgency of Peace & One Love” – The Real Kindness Podcast -Yosef Aharon & Eli Goldsmith – Shalom –

Time to bring the Mission Alive

So now we are clear with our Mission, and bring this alive in our daily life. We need to make our daily life more effective so that our mission is realized daily in real-time. We got to understand being effective means a lot of prioritization and time management.  The source of the prioritization will always be our values, goals, and dreams, clarified in our mission statement.  Brought alive through routine analysis of what is effective and what is not. A special mystical text says a person needs to create a negative association with any distractions for their paths goals and direction. The bitterness towards these stumbling blocks like apps that waste time and effectiveness will give a person the focus needed to bring the Mission forward. The honesty with humility of how challenging this is nowadays is in itself an insight into how hard the fulfillment of our mission effectiveness will be. To be real with the hard moments and the ups and the downs. To be patient and develop the effectiveness of the time management improvements, knowing that this is a long-term goal while resisting shortcuts that compromise values. We have the moral stamina and strength from our Soul and the more we unite together to fulfill a greater mission, the more empowered we shall all be.

Learning Tanya Perek 7 – Make the 4th Klipah Brighter 29th Shevat!

Special Intro by Reuven Turks b4 Rabbi Shlomo Katz @ Shirat David bi-weekly Shiur more Understanding & ❤

Big Steps in the Real Direction of Life

We all need to clarify our purpose in this daily flow of life. The direction we take and the motivation we have brings us to our fulfillment in real time. Big steps take big courage. Finding the inner resources to do what’s needed to be done. To schedule exercise, prayer, breakfast, work, learning and family time, etc. To prioritize our flow, our loved ones, our big steps, our little steps, our choices, to choose life is the real life of Unification. To be authentic is to remain relatable, with sincerity we can communicate our message. Like Joe Rogan keeping his long-form most successful podcast authentic, all the opportunities we get to connect should be done in a normal balanced way. Our choices matter so choose truth and humility, not falsity and show-off style. Learning real wisdom over time changes a person and ultimately restores the soul. Once a person has authentically learned the truth from the soul level and is a soulful person, it becomes planted in the soul and internalized on the inner level, and like a seed it begins to take root. Eventually, this eternal truth grows and produces fruits in a person’s actions to become more soulful acting with kindness that emulates the soul’s source. In a way, we are powerless to this truth that is the foundation of all creation and all humankind. We can’t escape our destiny of the soul and the truth of eternal soulfulness will stand the test of time. With soulful consciousness and awareness, we can all unite with these authentic truths.

“The Urgency of Chesed” – The Real Kindness Podcast – Yosef Joey Aharon & Eli Goldsmith – Just One Chesed & Unity Inspires Projects!

“Emmet” on a Narrow Bridge – Tom Schiffour Feat. Rav Shlomo Katz @ Shirat David Erev Shabbos Yisro!

Fighting the False Fears and Stress

Every day we fight the inner war of fighting the fears and stress of life. The clarity comes when we realize most of the fears and stress are imagination from past traumas and struggles. However, there is a simpler strategy and that is tuning into the soul level where all is United with pure oneness and goodness. May we be blessed with this peace of mind that stems from the real truth of reality. And even if this seems ideal, we have to fight for this mindset with all our heart and will. Realizing that together we all are in a better place to fight this fear. We have inner strength when we are validated on the soul level and emotional level, and yet we are so much more than these so-called fears and stresses. We have a G-dly essence that is way beyond any struggle and challenge of this world. Our fight is about how much we believe in our G-dly soul and can proactively manifest this strength of character in our Daily life. There are fallen fears instead of an awe of our Creator and the awareness of the truth that exists with unifications in all. We can overcome our obstacles with clarity. To balance our fear with love to reach the truth. Truth is the only reality left standing, the fire of truth will guide us through everything in life. May we transform a world of finite dreams into the eternal message of creative oneness from our authentic empowered United Souls in real time, going live and public.

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Nesivos Shalom – Parshat Trumah – Mishkan – EmunaIP – Shirat David!

Enjoy 😊 A Special Song from the Moshav band at Shirat Dovid, Efrat…

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Going Public with United Souls

So now we are comfortable with our Soul level and feel more empowered in our daily lives. We need to bring the United Soul reality to the public. People more than ever are sick of the divisive agenda narrative of our media and institutions. People are hungry for the one love that people like Bob Marley and co-fought for with all their souls. People are looking for direction and success like Tony Robbins and co. We have to represent the United Souls to bring soulfulness and unity for real to people’s daily feed and life.  One of the most important parts of going Public with Soul is to appreciate other people’s successes. To even assist and support other people’s successes. This is the true Win-Win mindset and humility we should aim for. This expresses our true outlook of the United Soul. We all grow together and wish others to grow beyond. Connecting to people’s inner strengths and talents. Empowering people, collaborating with their hidden abilities and the revealed content too. The idea is to channel the chutzpah that exists in the not soulful expression and transform this energy with correct guidance toward a United Soul Goal.

Learning Tanya Perek 9 – The Inner Chabad – 13th Adar!

🎵 Fill the World 🌍

Levi Yitzchok Cohen | לוי יצחק כהן

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My Sunflower (Live) – 2000 flow with Joel Breyer on keys… dedicated to my soulmate –

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The Second Coming of Boruch Yitzchak’s 48 hours home from the war in Gaza 2024!

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Let’s Hear Your Soulmate’s Voice & Keep Focused – 8. INTIMACY Flow 9. @WorldBneiAkiva!

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