Unification focus helps us Redeem the Hostages, a War of True Relationships!

United Souls – Extracts from New Book TBA – by Eli Goldsmith – Part 37 – Interdependent and Moshiach Now!

On our beaches in Gaza, BY is happy to finally get a permitting phone call even if short his smiles 😃 keep us all hopeful ☺ bH ❤ Please keep🙏 praying for Boruch Yitzchak Ben Masha and all the defenders of Yisrael 🙏 https://eligoldsmith.substack.com/p/united-souls-extracts-from-new-book-694

Dedicated to the real lonely Souls, soldiers & defenders of Yisrael… & Souls Globally – the United Souls that know The Truth of their Souls & for all those that know not yet. Have a Healthy Protected Happy Chanukah all 🙂 Leave a commenthttps://eligoldsmith.substack.com/p/united-souls-extracts-from-new-book-694 [youtube=https://youtu.be/H-TVbQTmAZA]

Thank you 😊 for everyone’s emotional #support during this challenging 6 weeks… Unification focus helps us Redeem the Hostages, only #Comfort – Share your #Relationship #Flow

[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRyDgO47akw] Determined to be Interdependent

A strong will for the real truth! Not just to follow what others are doing! But to develop an independence that leads to real physical, emotional, spiritual, and most challenging it seems, towards supposed financial freedom! We all hope for this but true independence includes a dependency on our Creator and constant Provider! Once we understand that we are truly interdependent needing in our Creator, Creation, and Universal Flow, we have the true knowledge to choose the eternal path of hope, purity, and development! Everyone has a mutual contradiction within that can only be resolved on the soul level! We exist and yet are sourced from nothing! The nothing we are sourced from is the true something, this True something that we perceive as nothing is ultimately the True existence and our connection including nullification to the True Creator is our only path to freedom! We can live with this contradiction with the clarity the United Soul level opens our minds and hearts too! Then we can communicate this wondrous, miraculously uplifting journey together! With the will powered from our inner truth we can achieve everything and join both independently from all, and yet be dependent on the true source of all of Creation Always! Let us develop this true will towards connection that will be freedom on all levels of our existence ultimately! Something very realistic to work towards if understood from the Souls vision!


Waiting for the Messiah aka Moshiach

We are at a transitional time historically and people are in desperate need of salvation! So many people are going through personal struggles beyond words. I’m not lacking in vulnerability and the will to speak truth almost at all costs, however, the ideal of Shalom with the bringing of unified change must guide our spirit. The days of the Messiah aka Mashiach are for sure approaching and people want the answer to this question ASAP. On a deep level told in our mystical texts there is a time within the next 220 years that the Messianic 7th thousand millennium must begin known as the day of Eternal Shabbat aka Sabbath. To keep this concept relatable and universal we all yearn for a final redemption as a step away from our pain and confusion. We are all blessed with so much good with the gift of life and time to experience a moment of love and struggle. And yet many of us lack the ability to see how we all go ahead in our daily lives, as we seem to face so much adversity, and the hardest part is the info online seems to be so agenda-driven. The Coronavirus has been an opportunity on some level to Unify as Souls, physically and socially distanced the only solution is the Soulful connection. The truth of Moshiach is an awakening from within. The ability to inspire healing, real awareness, understanding, wisdom, and knowledge. We are all in essence Souls and we all contain a Messianic spark within our Souls. This is a real statement explained in Sefer Tanya and brought alive by one of the most active movements towards revealing the Messianic days of Chabad. A group that’s led United Souls both spiritually and literally, and personally helps me learn much about the kindness and love of the Soul. The complete picture will be revealed very soon, we have to take the steps forward to have this revealed from within and not listen to the voices preventing the revelation. [youtube=https://youtu.be/TrsIkWipssE]

Real Developments in the Educational Field

Working out how to bring out the United Soul level in the next generation is a huge challenge. Seeing the externalization of our lifestyle and loss of inner focus, how can we educate others when we ourselves are somewhat lost? Developing the right educational approach for our generation will need the right guidance and role models. Thankfully there are in every generation people of the soul. There are also many people who understand both professionally and instinctively how to create boundaries that aid educational goals. The love, joy, and kindness of the soul all are true attributes that give nourishment needed daily to our 2020 Children.  The acceptance and awareness that their potential and reality within is leading eternally to tremendous nachus and time together more than worth investing. As mentioned before, the emotional bank account developed within children is beyond value. The role model example of focused truth in all we do brings us to become key teachers ourselves, not just the programs we send them to. With much prayer, belief in ourselves, belief in ourselves, and belief in the beautiful pure potential of the soul to elevate everything in this world, we can go ahead with the generations to come seeing the revelation of United Souls in all its blessings. [youtube=https://youtu.be/R7_taXgyKog]

However, tuning into the United Souls of the next generation is not as easy a task as it sounds. There are many Obstacles to fully connect. The internet is possibly the biggest struggle to connect legitimately to the next generation, yet the internet holds the key in some ways. The wonder of Creation is that this seemingly human-made creation is really all a vessel for the light of United Souls. As we learn from the current festival of light a little bit of light dispels a lot of the darkness. Or an even deeper purpose of Creation to transform the darkness into light. In this reference, connecting to the next generation is as hard as this mission seems, but using all the supposed dark-filled internet to transform relationships into a connection filled with love and light is a huge mission beyond words. Let’s try a few practical examples to make the United Soul mission a little easier, but will need its own new focused chapter to explain clearly. [youtube=https://youtu.be/aFDUxKB0BVk]

My oldest son Bys unit started sending from last week at the end of the week a quick video of pics – 📸 It’s such a Simcha just to see a picture I found him (wify) – I took screenshots so I could home in and see – Please keep🙏 praying for Boruch Yitzchak Ben Masha and all the defenders of Yisrael 

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One time I had the honor to share my vision at Shirat David of למען שמו באהבה which I had on the darkest beach in the UK, running along during a storm singing Hinei Ma Tov, etc… it was a vision of us all family and friends together in light and Love – this motivated my whole teshuva and Aliyah… the anger is to be channeled that this true beautiful vision of our soon to be nowadays of Moshiach shouldn’t be ruined in any way by our blood and tears… only our enemies shall perish… amen… only love Yosef and all… #unitedsouls

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