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LIVE: International Conservative Conference with #BenShapiro | In Tel Aviv CPAC 2022…

via @benshapiro @realDailyWire Pure fire 🔥 & true facts from Ben Shapiro live now in the holy land TLV 2022 5782 #shareon #notpolitics #CPAC2022 #facts #unitedsouls “A Unity Peaceful Focus in the Holy land” Emuna Class Q/A # 78 – Click & Share –

– Website Version – https://breslev.com/video/a-unity-peaceful-focus-in-the-holy-land-emuna-class-q-a-78/ Weekly Double Emuna Tuesday 12pmish – Emunalive.com –
“A Unity Peaceful Focus in the Holy land” Special Emuna Class by By @Avi Abelow & @Eli Unity Goldsmith – Emunalive.com going live 12pmish
and 330 pm Double #Emuna Tuesday with #EliGoldsmith & special guests…
( #AviAbelow 🙂 on #BreslevEnglish) https://fb.watch/ed3DIlqS1M/ For Booking Special Guests
#UnityBookings email UnityInspiresProjects@gmail.com!

Weekly Emuna Class by Eli Goldsmith – Commitment to Peace!
Emuna is our Future With Commitment To Peace by Eliezer
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Emuna Class – Enjoy growing together #commitment to #peace 2022 – Tuesday 330 pm approx! Get #Antisoulism Trending Please!
Nissim Black Live in Rishon Letzion, Israel 2022 footage being reposted soon via @nissimblack Yes 🙌🏻 happy to have connected
our holy bro #NissimBlack to the special traveling soul #ShloimeZionce aka @Chusidel – great 😊 footage & energy – more like this… DM #elig #unitybookings – Shloime’s latest

Happy to be Unity Bookings with the talented influencer & artist http://moshereuven.com 
performing at the @chosencomedy hosted by @StandUpNY & @danizold – get your tickets now… thelineup is beyond legit!
For #unitybookings#moshereuven plz DM – UnityInspiresProjects@gmail.com

Unity Bookings is excited to offer talented Artists (e.g. new – Moshe Reuven Pic above)
for your easy booking pleasure – DM/Email – UnityInspiresProjects@gmail.com 
or reach out directly to WhatsApp +972533175856…
Check out the inspiring updated list of many of our talented 🙂 #unitybookings
#singers #artists #bands #speakers #wedding #barmitzvah #batmitzvah #event #booknow https://unityinspiresprojects.wordpress.com/2022/06/07/unity-bookings-artists-summer-winter-2022-updates/

Updated General list – Including – Nissim Black, Duvie
Shapiro, Moshe Reuven (new), DJ Hudacris(new), Ari Lesser (renewed), Eitan Katz, The Shira Choir,
Moshe Gersht – new Media link – https://www.moshegersht.com/unity, Tali Yess (new), Rudy Rochman,
Westside Gravy, Shloime Zionce, Saul Blinkoff, Jodeci Joseph, Eli Goldsmith, 
The Shefa Band, Nuriel, Shlepping Nachas, Yosef Daniel, Reuven Garber, and  I&R 
– Judith Gerzi and Esther with many more… https://unityinspiresprojects.wordpress.com/2019/06/18/unity-inspires-booking-artists-creatives-events-updated/ 
– Our Unity Booking Agency Full Growing list of talented Speakers, Artists, Creatives, and Bookings

This Emuna Weekly Class Double Tuesday https://fb.watch/emdMjhdqGh/ with our long-awaited return of the special guest R Mordechai Ben Avraham hosted by Eliezer Goldsmith –

““Welcoming all Souls to Emuna” – Live feed – https://www.facebook.com/breslev.english – & IG Live @BreslevEnglish – On all our Audio Platforms & the YouTube link TBA… Follow Mordechai ben Avraham Out-Reach here – https://www.instagram.com/mordechai_yosef_ben_avraham/ For Booking Special Guests #UnityBookings email UnityInspiresProjects@gmail.com!
Our Weekly Follow-up United Souls Class will continue at 330pm approx by Eli Breslev Goldsmith continuing FB Live & on YouTube Live –

– Emuna is our Future with Welcoming Souls. Q/A direct to 

#Emuna #onlineteachings!

A little bit of light dispels a lot of darkness
— Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi – we choose Emunalive.com – let’s
together be lamp lighters… #emunaglobal

Relationships are lovely 🥰 so are we 🤩😍😘

Peace Unto You A CAPPELLA Version Shalom Aleichem three weeks sefira music Jewish Rap Song – Daily Dose of Divinity
ABCs of Emuna | Rabbi Shalom Arush – Click & Share –

– #ravshalomarush shlita teaches a mourning family the basic rules
of #emuna, and how to stay strong even in the worst of situations.
Thanks for your Unity Focus & Inspired Collaboration with our Projects! Eli Goldsmith – #ravshalomarush shlita teaches a mourning family the basic rules of #emuna, and how to stay strong even in the worst of situations.
Thanks for your Unity Focus & Inspired Collaboration with our
Eli Goldsmith – 🙂 WhatsApp Contact best –
+972533175856! So kind regards:) To assist us financially currently
for the months ahead and to sponsor our Unity Inspires Projects plz
partner with our secure link! Click kindly here –
https://www.paypal.me/GoldsmithEli Unityinspiresprojects@gmail.com #UnitedSouls –
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Eli Goldsmith Inspired Flow!


Summary Happy to be Unity Bookings with the talented influencer & artist http://moshereuven.com performing at the @chosencomedy hosted by @StandUpNY & @danizold – get your tickets now… the lineup is beyond legit! For #unitybookings#moshereuven plz DM – UnityInspiresProjects@gmail.com

Our Unity Booking Agency Full Growing list of talented Speakers, Artists, Creatives, and Bookings 🙂
Please let us know which Speaker, Artist, Creative, and Band you would be interested in Booking!
We would be happy to provide a workable schedule and price that works for your programs!
Wishing you all a healthy Summer and Successful Programs! Eli and Unity Team.

Hope all is well and healthy with you all, I am happy to update your awesome programing with the good news that we have an Updated list of Speakers, Artists, Creatives, and Bands – https://unityinspiresprojects.wordpress.com/2019/06/18/unity-inspires-booking-artists-creatives-events-updated/ Including – Nissim Black, Duvie Shapiro, DJ Hudacris(new), Moshe Reuven (new), Ari Lesser (renewed), Tali…

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