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Summary Nissim Black aka @nissimofficial – @rabbishlomokatz live 10th Tevet #inspired event – Hosted by @shiratdavid – DM  @EliUnityGoldsmith  Unity Bookings! & [youtube=]

A night of love, connection, #emuna, and song #NissimBlack w/Rav #ShlomoKatz @ #ShiratDavid – 10th Tevet 5783 – 2nd January 2023 Sponsorship opportunities are still available! #nissimblack #shlomokatz #shiratdavid #unitybookings lkovod #rebbenatan #yahrzeit…

United Souls – Extracts from New Book TBA – by Eli Goldsmith – Part 25 – Facing life fully On & Drawing Energy with Protection! (subscribe now) – – Share your #UnityFlow – #UnityBookings

Eli Goldsmith | Podcast Against Antisemitism | S3 E11 [youtube=] Subscribe to the Campaign Against @Antisemitism platforms – For the Audio – – FB – – Twitter – – “Speaking from the soul” with #EliGoldsmith #UnitedSouls #Antisemitism #Antisoulism #PodcastAgainstAntisemitism…

Dedicated to all Souls Globally – the United Souls that know The Truth of their Souls and for all those that know not yet. 🙂 Leave a comment [youtube=]

Facing life being fully On

Taking on the responsibilities of life that we all face in our own unique way and being fully present is the mental focus needed to unify our soul experience in our 2020 generation. Not escaping but being fully on in all our struggles. The more of our talents will bring challenges to the likelihood of success. Not an external success but rather an inner fulfilling journey toward our goals and dreams. Engaging people and opportunities lead to growth and a mindset of development. We aren’t losing anything by taking on the darker elements of our being. Transforming darkness into light is the purpose of creation, so facing life is extremely purposeful. Believing in what we do gives us a whole different edge. Being intensely passionate about our preferences and at the same time having the humility to balance out with versatility, that life doesn’t always present what we want. Life presents us with what we need to become eternally complete. And this is on a United Soul level. There are many great minds in our generation but are they facing their true inner challenges? This is my question to many of these big influencers and powerful people in our 2020 generation. Are we all facing life and fully on enough? We answer this question and we can resolve the search for the meaning of life. Or better yet live life fully on and the questions and answers will become One. [youtube=]

Drawing down Energy and Protection

We all have the ability to energize our life with an inspired mindset and lifestyle. In our 2023 generation, we all feel the need for more security and protection. We have to draw into our life journey the energy and flow that empowers our daily routine to focus on Unification and also being a happy normal human being. Being normal people is subjective and yet we all have sense and respect for what as a collective people that normal is understood. Maybe balanced is a more correct choice of description. We have heavenly protection by tuning into a lifestyle that is filled with focused prayer and intentional appreciation. As people say, an attitude of gratitude is key. Our sphere of influence makes a big transition from abstract expression to actual reality. Our daily life choices affect our process of growing together with good energy and protection. As a very holy person once said, “think good and it will be good!” The power of smiling, drawing down good energy, laughing at all kinds of other perspectives to take away the seriousness of a hard moment, reminding oneself that we are all unified for real with one flow and no danger can ever really befall us. In fact a famous story of a holy man trying to escape the border crossing during the Second World War being chased by murderers. When he came into the murderer’s path his age-old holy tradition was to focus on the oneness of Our Creator and that would bring all the protection he needed to continue on his journey notwithstanding the physical danger he and his exiled family faced. The reality is pretty intense but we have the ability to enter something life-transforming. A protective shield of kindness and development in our inner journey to something deeper and meaningful. To live more fulfilled and blessed with many long happy years with days. [youtube=]

@nissimblack & @shlomokatz 10th Tevet #inspired event lkovod #rebbenatan zya – Hosted by @shiratdavid – DM @GoldsmithEli #unity #BOOKINGS – Sponsorship opportunities available! #nissimblack #shlomokatz #shiratdavid #unitybookings unityinspiresprojects

Unity Booking Agency New Site TBA!

Unity-Focused Artists, Speakers & Creatives!Unification of Everyone, Every-time, Everything!!!

Unity Bookings Book Now – We are happy to update your awesome community & programming with the good news that we have an Updated list of Speakers, Artists, Creatives, and Bands! A post shared by Eli Pmusic (@unityinspiresprojects)

Unity Connections Exclusive Service – Unity Booking Agency! We are a nonexclusive win-win focused booking agency with years of experience and a ready-to-serve positive attitude. Join & partner with our growing mission…

Our Unity Projects

Welcome to our new Unity-Themed Booking site and a safe place to make real change! You are welcome to contact us at Direct, all Unity Bookings will be built with a Unity focus!
This booking agency service is with love and shared inspiration! Live life with the passion that you can share, that lit up the truth with another soul, and then we are a step closer to real Unification!

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Happy to announce we are now Unity Booking with Hebro Music – His Unity Torah Flow & Vision (new content TBA) will inspire many souls with the needed unified message & music… I am happy to update your awesome programming with the good news that we have an Updated list of Speakers, Artists, Creatives, and Bands!

Including – Nissim Black, Duvie Shapiro, Tali Yess, Moshe Reuven – (new), DJ Hudacris (new), Hebro Music (new), Ari Lesser, DJ Keyton aka Mikey Mocton, Eitan Katz, The Real Gavriel (new), the Shira Choir, Moshe Gersht –, Rudy Rochman, Westside Gravy, Shloime Zionce, Saul Blinkoff, Jodeci Joseph, Eli Goldsmith, The Shefa Band, Nuriel, Shlepping Nachas, Yosef Daniel, Yoni Gabali, Mentalist Michael Samen, Reuven Garber, and I&R – Judith Gerzi and Esther with many more…

Moshe Reuven’s new track “The Flame 🔥 “ – DM Eli Goldsmith Unity Bookings 🙂 “Hey it’s Moshe Reuven. Here’s my latest release, ‘The Flame’ also on Spotify! Just came live!” #moshereuven #newtrack #theflame #unitybookingsMoshe Reuven

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