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The Real Kindness Podcast – A Short Flow – Live Weekly – Happy Days – UIP!

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Good Chodesh and Good Weeks of Adar/Purim with Increased Simcha! Learning Tanya Perek 13 – Inner Struggles of the Beinoni!

Learning Tanya Perek 14 – The Real Prayer of the Beinoni! Safe travels to Purim…

The Listening with a Nourished Soul Flow

To sincerely listen to another soul a person first has to know their own soul’s voice. To know yourself and to know your soul takes a lot of inner work that hopefully the last many chapters have assisted you in some small way. The inner world is infinitely deep, complex, and yet so simple. The unity that is continued within and surrounds us all is so simple in its oneness and yet so profound in its depths. We are generally just touching on the surface of our soulful potential. However, any connection is an infinite connection, therefore, giving us moments of eternal treasures. Once we are nourishing our soul through prayer, learning, and acts of kindness we can then go outwards towards the listening Soul Flow. We have the power to bring about awesome changes. By believing in the truly awesome potential we all possess within and having the humility to see it in others we become a leader of leaders. The inner powers are often hidden under layers of history or herstory, concealing the giant within. We can transform our lives and others into an inspired emanation of divinity. To not underestimate our abilities while allowing the divine flow of providence to enter our lives, will be hugely beyond words effective and fulfilling at the same moment. We become masters of our energy use and clear with our boundaries. Simultaneously loving all those in our sphere of influence and bringing close those that seem far. To be able to be at one and yet comfortably alone. The safest place to learn the language of the soul, of values, goals, and dreams is within. The key is to focus on listening to the voice of the soul and filtering out the noise. We have this power within that needs to find expression. Be creative, unlimited, open-minded, and hearted to build a vessel for the divine flow that is renewed daily, monthly, and yearly. Every moment is a new opportunity to grow and be heard. And yet to sincerely listen as hard as it may be is worth all the blessings this shall bring. Especially at the soul level and between our soul mates. A dedicated source of love and support will nourish the souls of both partners of United Souls.

Sfas Emmes – Parshat Vayakhel & Shekalim – Unity & True Giving!

Joining Together as a Collaboration of One

Truly becoming one United Soul with humanity is going to require a lot of internal work. The safest place is from the inside to really know one’s soul and then a person can recognize another soul. With a soulful connection, we can be synergized into a global connection. To grow beyond our limitations to a larger focus. To understand that by collaborating on projects that extend our reach and to unify with our inspired talents we can create an effective approach to our intrinsic oneness. People hustling day in and day out to make ends meet. Everyone is pulling out the best cards to make success a possibility. And my dream growing up was to be a star by being a promoter of the stars! And yet I realize I am promoting United Souls, the biggest light of Creation! There ain’t anything more substantial and real than this great light that will unify all of creation and overcome the darkness of exile! To be sincere in our mission and to realize we have the perfect Soulmate and people in our lives to achieve everything we can elevate! Let us light up this planet with one love and truth. The ultimate collaboration is about to begin… we all need to learn to synergize but it’s congruent on us doing all the inner interdependence work first! We have it within us to achieve the impossible! Mission possible to love ourselves and love another soul! To care about connecting to United Souls and do something about it! To actualize oneself in real-time and make a difference! Rise above it all, to reach the soul level! To become one with our greater vision of humanity will be with a lot of humility and honesty! To be dedicated to the people we love, to love ourselves, and to share that love overflowing with energization! We got this…you got this…I got this…United Souls got this!

Learning Tanya Perek 12 – Love G-d Love Humans Beinoni Style –

Shabbat Shalom and Intimacy are beyond

Learning about spirituality is essential to achieving balance and a healthy lifestyle. Especially now in our 2020 [2024] generation where we are lacking so much on the Soul level. Just like physically and emotionally we need to be nourished and healthy-focused. So too on the spiritual level, we must nourish our soul daily. For the Jewish people, we had a revelation which is the proof of Creation and a Creator that directly involved every moment of time and existence. The 7th day of Creation is intrinsic to our weekly growth as the cycle is known by all. It’s in music, in colors, in the patterns within a rainbow, in the dimensions of a building, and the entering to experience the space within those 6 surrounding dimensions. The 7th dimension is entering the space within our homes and within our hearts and souls. The real key is to intimately enter the place beyond time and dimensions to the 8th level. This is the true source of the soul where we can renew our energy with purpose completely. The intimate moments in prayer, learning, and when we emulate our Creator in action bring down this United Soul light to elevate our life. We have this truth within and just need to work on a daily level revealing different portions of our soul. Until our soul garment is complete and we can enter Eternal bliss. Good Shabbos and Shabbat Shalom as now we know the taste of the World to come and our Ultimate intimate Unification.

Learning Tanya Perek 10 – Bnei Aliyah Unifications from the Highest to the Lowest!

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The Synergistic Journey Together

We all have done so much private work during this seemingly Challenging (in the past COVID period and) current war, and we need to work harder even now to move forward. Find new motivation when so much has been on hold and so limited physically and emotionally to connect. Yet on the United Soul level, we have never disconnected! Our souls are always bound together and journeying through this world! To understand the more we open ourselves to synergies and opportunities to truly collaborate the more we can succeed in our process of fighting our increased isolation! The technological developments are having profound effects on our relationships as are the rules of the global governments with the past pandemic and current AI effect! The forced vaccinations and completely unclear guidance from science, medical establishments, and the general democratic process. Humankind has never been challenged just to have healthy normal human connection as much as in our 2020/24 generation. We need tremendous soulful resources to remind our true selves we are all connected in our oneness. Not seeing my family and friends I grew up with, making a wedding, Bar Mitzvah 13th Birthday celebration relying on Zoom and live feeds to be the form of connecting. Is a far cry from the real in-person experience. Separated from our families and global experience of entertainment and uplifting projects. All through screens and stuck in our cities away from nature! People in some places are finding ways around this all with certain places allowing functionality and connectivity. However, still limited to those few locations the limitations and fear still exist globally everywhere. I have a dream that soon we shall Unite globally in person singing one melody full of soul and expression of love of our mutual humanity, our mutual oneness. We are all made in the image of our Creator and share so many Universal commonalities. We shall rise from this dark time of history to new heights of communication of the soul. The oppression will be transformed into revelation and vitalization. Our inner soul can guide us through this trying period. There is no other alternative than to turn to our Creator and the soul within. To pray for salvation from these restrictions from the soul with all our hearts and to live a life of Unification. Where people truly help each other and empower each other’s journey to synergy together.

The Zera Shimshon – Weekly Class – Parshat Vayakhel – Parshat Shekalim by Charles Sakkal!

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The Stories of Chazal are the Deepest – Likutei Moharan 4-9!

Learning Tanya Perek 11 – The Rasha’s Potential – Adar 23rd!

Learning Tanya Perek 11-12 – From Potential To The Beinoni, As If!

Learning Tanya Perek 12 – Fluctuations of the Beinoni!

Learning Tanya Perek 12 – Fluctuations of the Mind & the Heart –

Tanya Perek 13 – The Real Inner Struggle of the Beinoni!

Tanya Perek 13 – The Inner Nudnik of the Beinoni!

Good Shabbos 👍 – EmunaIP Weekly Learning – Shema Healing – Nachas Ruach in All!

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