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We are happy to update your awesome community & programming with the good news that we have an Updated list of Speakers, Artists, Creatives, and Bands!
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United Souls

United Souls – Extracts from New Book TBA – by @midnightrabbi – Part 24 The Relationship Flow Unified & Real! (subscribe now) – Click the Button – Share your #UnityFlow – #UnityBookings – Dedicated to all Souls Globally – the United Souls that know The Truth of their Souls and for all those that know not yet. Happy Chanukah 🙂 Leave a comment
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Unity Booking Agency

We are a non exclusive win-win focused booking agency with years of experience and a ready to serve positive attitude. Join & partner with our growing mission...

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Inspiring Unity With Every Project We Do

Unity Bookings

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Including – Alex Clare, Nissim BlackDuvie ShapiroTali Yess, Moshe Reuven, Rav Shlomo Katz, Eitan Katz, DJ Hudacris, Ari LesserHebro Music, Reuven Garber & Wedding Band, DJ Keyton aka Mikey MoctonEitan Katz, the Shira Choir, Moshe Gersht, Rudy RochmanNew – Yishai Fleisher, Westside Gravy, Shloime Zionce, Saul Blinkoff, Rab Yonaten Galed, Jodeci Joseph, Eli Goldsmith, The Shefa BandNuriel, Shlepping Nachas, Yosef Daniel, Yoni Gabali, Mentalist Michael Samen, Reuven Garber, I&R, DJ Nayz, Leiby Moskowitz, Raphael Benizri, The Weinreb Bros, Assaf Harush, Moti Weiss, Israel Portnoy, Eli Lebovicz – Comedians – Mikey Greenblatt – Judith Gerzi and Esther with many more…

Unity Marketing

We specialize in elevating brands, companies, organizations, and programs

Unity Marketing – Your Success, Our Passion!

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Media Spotlight

Featured Article

Happy to Share an Important #unity-focused Article I had the honor to feature in.

Read, Share, and Support the links posted within… https://www.jewishnews.co.uk/exclusive-what-my-uncle-did-for-live-aid-ld-love-to-do-for-the-world-the-chasidic-rabbi-hoping-to-unify-israel/

Thank you The Jewish News, Michelle Rosenberg, Harvey Goldsmith & family, Nissim Black & Team, Just One Chesed, & all the talented #unitybookings Eli Goldsmith friends…

Eli Goldsmith | Podcast Against Antisemitism | S3 E11

Audio – https://open.spotify.com/episode/6na4mDQ0FxmPdKVPXnaP4q

FB – https://www.facebook.com/antisemitism/posts/563021622537559

Twitter – https://twitter.com/antisemitism/status/1610974975367970816 –

“Speaking from the soul” with #EliGoldsmith #UnitedSouls #Antisemitism #Antisoulism #PodcastAgainstAntisemitism…

About Us

Eli Goldsmith

Eli Goldsmith (based in Holy Jerusalem) our founder is also offering to consult with musicians, artists, creatives, and small businesses to help develop in a focused, dedicated inspired way! Contact us by our unity-focused email or directly by phone to book that time and our list of opportunities including artists and events!

Unity Podcasts


Join us  @relationshipflowpodcast for a discussion around relationships, marriage, and partnership. 

Eli and Masha Goldsmith join Glenn to discuss their journey and how the principles of THE MIDDLE GROUND relate to their love story! Relationshipflow.com

Listen & Share our #UnityFlow #Podcast Version 

#relationshipflowpodcast #unitypodcast #eligoldsmith #mashagoldsmith #glennsandifer #relationships #dating #relationshipspodcast 

The Middle Ground Live | Episode 1 | @ Relationship Flow Podcast Eli & Masha Goldsmith

United Souls Blog

Eli and Unity Team.
Thanks for your Unity Focus & Inspired Collaboration with our Projects! 
Eli Goldsmith 🙂 – unityinspiresprojects@gmail.com

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Unity Projects

Our Goal is to #Inspire Unity with every project that shares our authentic true values!

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Please go to our current latest post where dynamic new projects are posted!  

Unity Event

Let’s make a #unified World changing for the good Event! 
A Unity-Focused Online Live AID style Event TBA for bringing life back into all of humanity!

We are looking to partner and build this Unity Inspires Projects 
Email unityinspiresprojects@gmail.com

P.N. no artist has been confirmed for this larger event other than general bookings, but historically Bob Geldof had the biggest list of talented stars at the press conferences a few weeks before my family’s event LIVE AID 1985, and not one person or management had been confirmed! This is Rock n’ Roll meets #innovation with #unityfocus!


Partnerships and Sponsorships ​

We welcome and appreciate all forms of partnerships and sponsorships to support our unity projects.

Together we can build this ultimate project of bringing more Unity in everything we do!
Start with your unique Unity Contribution! 

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Dedicated PayPal link: https://www.paypal.me/GoldsmithEli.

Here’s to new opportunities and blessings for all!

Unified Consultancy

Happy to focus on unified consultancy goals, aiding friends to succeed in their dreams, goals, and practical business life success.

Available for In Person or Phone consultation (WhatsApp call) at +972533175856 

  • 30 mins – $120 
  • 60 mins – $240!

PayPal.Me or email payment – unityinspiresprojects@gmail.com

Thanks for your interest and our work together is truly appreciated.


The Powerful Unifier is Music – so enjoy some great Talents and links of music stars we hope to host again at our Unity-themed events in the near future with your partnership for Unity of Music 
Unity of Artist, Creatives & Musicians Booking UPDATED (Click now to book)
with famous Unifiers! 

We are drawing together powerful Educators to share in our Unity of Education post the future of Unification in every field and practical life. Our Future in Education and the key is focusing on coming together to have our children be builders of Unity Inspired! 

Our most emotionally focused post is a real focus on Unity of Relationships, – Relationship Flow Podcasts and Unity Workshops with our thought leaders on this most powerful essential binding in the pulse of life!

Other exciting Unity projects – Unity of Business from 7 habits to 10 habits | Unity of Family | Unity of Therapy | Unity of Fashion | and many more Unity-themed posts and projects!
Here is our traveling unity project, Unity in action!

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Unity Bookings

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Unity Marketing 
We look forward to marketing your brand, company, organization, and program. With years of experience and success, We’re excited to work together with You! 
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